2017 Goals: Where Am I At?


It’s been a HOT summer. The over-100-degree days usually come in brief waves where I live, but it seems like it’s been the opposite — mostly over 100 with only brief waves of mid to high 90s.

It’s also been a busy summer, so it’s passing by quickly. I keep telling myself to make the most of it by enjoying cold sparkling drinks and making ice cream. We have the cold drinks down (still not addicted to iced coffee but it’s a struggle); the ice cream has yet to happen, the main reason being that I am avoiding dairy right now. Coconut milk ice cream is gross, and the other non-dairy options either seem like too much work or too weird and, well, also gross. My hormones have been wacky lately, though, so I might cave soon and just make my favorite ice cream, full-fat dairy and all: mint chocolate chip made only with fresh mint leaves (inspired by this ice cream genius). Something to savor between these tired days of work and parenting and life.

Speaking of which, I am very grateful for all the steady work I’ve had — or rather steady babysitting that allows me to work. The hubby started his paid internship at the end of June and has four weeks left. We are praying he is offered a job at the end. Praying for any good job opportunity, really. I am thankful that we had a Plan B, because it definitely became our Plan A for three years and counting, and we really could keep going this way if we had to. But we both hope it will change, at least for a little while so we can focus on growing and raising the family.

Either way, I know the Lord is watching our hearts, watching to see whether we trust Him and are satisfied in Him no matter the ebbs and flows of our lives, or if we keep grasping for the wind by pursuing earthly and selfish comforts.

Contentment. A friend of mine recently shared a blog post on parenting that knocked me to the ground. It had to do with idolatry more than contentment specifically, although I don’t believe the two are unrelated. Maybe I will link to it and write some thoughts later. My pride and my will to overcome evil with good have been challenged quite a bit — are being challenged as I type. 

Obtain Texas CSR license and RPR Certification; get familiar with my realtime software; proactively incorporate more briefs. I keep getting emails regarding RPR certification. Maybe it’s (still) time! Ugh! I am so not motivated!

Pay off credit cards and at least one car. Once the hubby’s next paycheck arrives, we will have paid off the biggest — and last — credit card! Unfortunately, we racked up a few hundred again on a card we recently paid off, but after that, we’ll have nothing on the credit cards, period. Hopefully never again for longer than a few days. Haven’t gotten around to the car, but minimum payments are better than nothing.

Make music. Nope, nothing again.

Act on the home project urges. I’ve completely forgotten about those cockroaches! Goes to show how thoroughly they disappeared. Wonderful! If only I could guarantee no spiders too. I’m happy to report, though, that I did do the thing and finally visit Hobby Lobby for the first time EVER… AND go home with supplies for a new project! My friends weren’t kidding about that store; it is straight-up dangerous. Almost as dangerous as creamy iced coffee. Anyway, I started sketching on some canvas for a painting I’m doing for my daughter’s room, the first in hopefully a series of canvases that we’ll decorate a wall with. Why did I wait this long for a creative release?


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