2017 Goals: Where Am I At?


Has it been a month already? And then some, I guess, since we’re already a few days into February.

January was a nutso month. All the jobs I was assigned to were very long and difficult; so in spite of working less frequently, I felt like I was working harder than ever. Also, the paychecks ran out thanks to November’s work lull, and we are feeling the full effects. Praying it doesn’t last and that we can catch up soon.

I always hated February growing up because it was cold and dull and everybody managed to get really sick. This year is different. Not only is our collective immunity higher than it’s ever been, but our outlook has changed. Our relationships to God have grown a bit; our marriage is more mature; we can see light at the end of this dreary school-debt-work-struggle tunnel now that my hubby is about a year away from graduating. (It’s also his birthday in a few days and I still don’t have a plan! Help!)

Of course, this financial struggle may not end. I must check myself because my ultimate goal in this life cannot be financial security/stability. It’s a good thing for which we are hoping and praying, but it is not honoring to the Lord if we place our faith in that instead of Him. He alone provides everything, whether it be money or the feeling of security. However, we must meet Him on His terms for it, making personal holiness/Christlikeness our goal rather than placing all efforts toward an orderly life. It is important to be good stewards of what the Lord provides to us; thus we will continue pursuing a better situation than we are in. But whatever He gives will be out of His grace, whether it’s comfortable or not.

Anyway, I love pink roses and this is the best time of year to embellish my surroundings with them.

Contentment. The accountability of public posts on a blog is working. Lately every time I am about to complain or react to things in anger and frustration, I think about the fact that I am ultimately discontent with the Lord in the situation. Oof, that’s a punch in the gut, right?

Obtain Texas CSR license and RPR Certification; get familiar with my realtime software; proactively incorporate more briefs. Praise God! I flew to Texas for four days, took the test, and passed! I expect my actual license won’t come for another six weeks or so, but this is still something to celebrate. The minute we catch up on our bills, I will be registering for the RPR next. Now that I know I can handle 225 words per minute in a test situation, I’m not afraid to take it. Regarding briefs — that’s a term in my field that refers to shortening even further the shorthand we write in. I need to be faster to be a realtime streamer, and this simple technique can enable it… if I’m intentional about it.

Pay off credit cards, hubby’s student loans, and one car. So we are starting on a bad foot… a really bad foot. We have time to catch up, I think, but it’s killing the overachiever in me to be patient while we don’t climb out of the hole at my pace. This is a constant process of yielding up each situation to God.

Make music. Still haven’t touched my instruments yet; maybe I will if I finish scoping my current transcript (which is, hands down, the worst one I’ve ever had in my two-year career).

Act on the home project urges. Well, home projects require either money or time, often both. I had neither money nor time this last month, so I’ll try again in February. With springtime approaching, it’s a good time for cleaning stuff out and making the home more functional.


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