2017 Goals


Another year has come and gone. Another year of challenges and joys. Another year we had each other. Another year further into the unknown. Another year closer to Jesus.

How much closer? 2017 is not guaranteed to anyone, myself included. So while this year’s goals are important to me, my days are still numbered, and that number could be much shorter than anyone expects. Not to sound morbid; depending on what hope you have — and mine is in Christ Jesus — living like you could lose your life any day helps you love others more deeply and effectively.  It detaches you from transient things and directs your mind and heart toward what matters to the Lord and, by extension, to us as well. When you are fixed on eternal things, it is easier to trust and obey Him. Joy and gratitude come more naturally. It gets you through the hard days months years.

This is what I want to develop even more in 2017: contentment and deep satisfaction with Jesus. Everything I need is found in Him. If I don’t find it in Him, I’m looking for the wrong thing in the wrong way with the wrong attitude.

Thank You, Lord, for 2016. Indeed, a lot of bad things happened around the world this last year. But very bad things happen every year, and very good things happen every year too. Nothing is beyond your control or outside of your infinitely complex, grand plan. Your gospel still saves; You and Your Word do not change throughout the years. Your truth and our hope remains. You are not slow concerning Your promises, as some would consider slowness, but You are patient toward us, toward me, not willing that anyone should perish but that we should come to repentance.

My formal goals for 2017:

Contentment. I have so many spiritual goals, but this one stands out the most. As a sinful human being, I won’t ever be perfectly content. This last year it seemed like God was really pressing me to be more content. My husband was His *ahem* faithful messenger. I hope to learn more about contentment; ultimately to know Jesus better, which is where contentment is found. And I cannot succeed in any other goal if I am not trusting Jesus to take me where He wills, especially if it means giving everything up for Him.

Obtain Texas CSR license and RPR Certification; get familiar with my realtime software. The Texas test is happening soon, so that goal will be met quickly… if I pass (and I’m studying hard!). The RPR test can be taken anytime and is similar to the Texas test; I hope to do it early in the year while I’m still in test mode, providing there aren’t major computer snafus. Learning my software, I feel, will be an unending endeavor, but it will be a necessary step to take if I want to increase my income and start realtime reporting by next year.

Pay off credit cards, hubby’s student loans, and one car. Any leftover money after taxes is going towards the credit cards, and then all extra is going to pay off our cheaper car. The housing allowance the hubs gets while in school is going toward his loans, which will likely be paid off (or close to it) by the time he graduates, Lord willing. That will be a longer process not finished this year, but it will be progress.

Make music. I have a fancy keyboard and a ukulele that I haven’t touched in months. Time to practice and bring a little more music into the home.

Act on the home project urges. I have materials that can be used if I invest a little time and creative thought. What good are ideas or clutter if I don’t put them together and improve my surroundings?

Maybe I’ll add stuff if it comes to mind. Happy New Year!


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