2016 Goals: Where Am I At?


July was a busy month. The nature of my work during summertime tends to be less lucrative and stable, so I stop being picky and take whatever I can get. I took more jobs than I’ve ever taken in one month and it made the time fly. Each job was relatively easy and short, so thankfully my burnout threshold was extended. (But I did reach my burnout point and it wasn’t pretty.)

Family life has been up and down. There is always, always something going on, some kind of issue. But then a good day comes along and helps you keep going.

Parenting has been a little easier these days; it was exceptionally demanding there for a while. Our girl is growing and learning a lot. I personally am enjoying the current stage before the next wave of rebellion hits. I wish we could have another so she could stay occupied with a sibling. On the bright side, she is almost fully potty-trained! She wears a pull-up at night and I still must remind her to use the potty throughout the day, but she wears underwear all day and we have many days with no accidents now.

The hubby’s health has not been good. Back pain, depression, gout, insomnia, headaches, and acid reflux plague him to one degree or another every day. This has been going on for years now. It is obvious to everyone that he could take better care of himself, but he is not motivated.

Our dog mysteriously caught giardia for the second time in her life a week ago, and until yesterday she was releasing uncontrollable diarrhea all over our apartment around the clock. These are the foulest of messes, and I do not even like the animal they come from. Let me tell you, these conditions are what drive me to my absolute limit. (But I’m going to sing the praises of this company that makes very effective herbal remedies for common pet illnesses.)

Not to mention, the credit cards are somehow out of control again and my husband is not making enough to cover his own expenses. I angrily cried myself to sleep last night about it.

Also, my (very painful) period started in the middle of a difficult job yesterday. Praise God for the Advil stashed in the car. And too bad those fancy B vitamins I ordered a couple weeks ago didn’t make a difference in my hormonal health.

It’s a rough patch.

  • Priority:  Start each day off with the Lord and remember that my life, my soul, and my loved ones depend on it. Wake up early; begin day in the Word and in prayer; and use extra alone-time to work out, shower, and start breakfast before the little wakes up. :: Bible time has been on and off.
  • Give more: Give more of my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to others. :: Giving is a joy when it’s easy.
  • Make our home a pleasant place to live in:  Simplify by getting rid of unused items; efficiently organize what we keep; make what we have more comfortable; and creatively decorate on a budget. :: I’ve barely been able to keep the house clean, let alone stylish. But I did organize my Pinterest boards… does that count?
  • Pay off debt: Put an end to our consumer debts and start chipping away at our student loan debt. :: *crying*
  • T-Tapp program: Therapeutically approach my fitness with T-Tapp, yoga, and daily walking. :: We have been swimming more this summer, but generally it’s about as much as I can do to T-Tapp twice a week.
  • Overhaul wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe as nice as my budget will allow. :: Found some work blouses! Very excited about them too. Also $plurged a bit at Victoria’s Secret for much-needed underthings. Now I can focus on some other clothing needs… such as those casual T-shirts I still haven’t found. 
  • RPR: Plan to take the last RPR of 2016! No idea what this actually looks like yet, but I will start planning soon. :: Just this Monday, after a couple months of silence, I was notified that the board meeting in Texas to consider my application for licensure by endorsement is scheduled for August 12. I will be attending over the phone to answer any questions and hopefully influence their decision toward endorsement. Please pray.

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