2016 Goals: Where Am I At?


For a couple weeks there I forgot altogether that I have this blog. Each day has been full, but overall it’s been such a blessed month!

The hubby is officially out of school and neither of us misses it. He’s a different person now: happier, interested in life, and motivated to meet some goals. He has found a flexible job, bought a second car for it, and works almost every day as long as he needs to. We are spending more time together and working on little projects. This is such a refreshing change from how our whole marriage has been so far.

The Lord has been providing me with plenty of work and the paychecks are coming in steadily. For the first time in four years we are living comfortably, comfortably enough to have conversations about actually paying off student loans and saving up for the land we would like to buy someday. You just don’t talk about those things when barely keeping up with the bare minimum bills and expenses.

The difficult wave of parenting we were having last time seems to have passed. Some days are worse than others, but right now we are really enjoying our 3-year-old. We’re almost to the point of trying for a second kid. It’s tempting right now while it feels like God is so freely providing financially, but I would definitely have to dial back how much I’m working (and stop completely for a little while), which would be tough for all of us. I can’t even tell you how much I would love to have another baby soon, but I am trusting God who ultimately determines when it’s a good time.

Our good friends are getting married this weekend, so we’ve been busy participating in that, as we are both in the wedding party. We took an overnight beach camping trip a couple weeks ago. It was chilly, but we had a good time. A road trip was just what the doctor ordered. I want to do it again.

  • Priority:  Start each day off with the Lord and remember that my life, my soul, and my loved ones depend on it. Wake up early; begin day in the Word and in prayer; and use extra alone-time to work out, shower, and start breakfast before the little wakes up. :: I am accomplishing most of these most days, but not in the early morning. Maybe it’s just not the rhythm I’m meant to have.
  • Give more: Give more of my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to others. :: Giving has been easier this month and also a joy for me personally. I am too shortsighted to recognize all the opportunities that cross my path, but I am aiming just to withhold less.
  • Make our home a pleasant place to live in:  Simplify by getting rid of unused items; efficiently organize what we keep; make what we have more comfortable; and creatively decorate on a budget. :: Both the hubby and I have been doing things in this regard. He’s working on framing projects for the walls and I am just trying to make things here and there cleaner and more attractive. It’s fun, and I like that my husband is liking his own home more now.
  • Pay off debt: Put an end to our consumer debts and start chipping away at our student loan debt. :: Out of an abundance of caution/protection against another audit, I cannot spend my leftover tax return money on my student loans yet. But it’s there, increasing, and ready to go as soon as the opportunity opens up.
  • T-Tapp program: Therapeutically approach my fitness with T-Tapp, yoga, and daily walking. :: My desire to continue this has returned. I’m T-Tapping two days on, one day off. Even though I am not as stressed right now, I still have to take it easy physically because my right knee is giving me trouble.
  • Overhaul wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe as nice as my budget will allow. :: Bought a few more pieces, but I’m having trouble finding some basic T-shirts that are neither frumpy nor flimsy. Also found some great maxi dresses and shorts.
  • RPR: Plan to take the last RPR of 2016! No idea what this actually looks like yet, but I will start planning soon. :: Haven’t heard back from Texas about anything yet. While this is still a long-term goal, for now we’re considering it a closed door. Perhaps I will continue planning to take the RPR later this year. It may still come in handy.

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