2016 Goals: Where Am I At?


April was an exciting month, but very difficult emotionally. The hubby and I celebrated our 7-year anniversary with a sushi date, which was fun and delicious… while it lasted. It was merely a brief interruption of a long line of bad days between us. Marriage is hard.

We also celebrated our daughter’s 3rd birthday. Parenting at this age is also hard. The joyful moments are very joyful, but there’s a lot of work and a lot of unguarded moments where, again, you feel out of control. It’s kind of a roller coaster.

Yeah, there’s a lot of feeling out of control lately, not just with home life. Change is in the air. The hubby is officially quitting school and is looking for steady work. His health was just getting too bad. We also started looking around at other churches.

  • Priority:  Start each day off with the Lord and remember that my life, my soul, and my loved ones depend on it. Wake up early; begin day in the Word and in prayer; and use extra alone-time to work out, shower, and start breakfast before the little wakes up. :: This just seems impossible. My mornings have been out of control. I have resolved to just read the Bible and write in my prayer journal while my daughter eats breakfast. There are interruptions, but it’s the best I can do.
  • Give more: Give more of my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to others. :: Also seems like an insurmountable goal. In one sense I am giving too much, but it never seems to be in the right areas.
  • Make our home a pleasant place to live in:  Simplify by getting rid of unused items; efficiently organize what we keep; make what we have more comfortable; and creatively decorate on a budget. :: Haven’t had any time for the home. Just keeping up with daily chores has been barely manageable.
  • Pay off debt: Put an end to our consumer debts and start chipping away at our student loan debt. :: Our income tax results were a pleasant surprise this year — we owe nothing and (unless the IRS comes after us again) get to keep everything we set aside! 
  • T-Tapp program: Therapeutically approach my fitness with T-Tapp, yoga, and daily walking. :: Can you believe I’ve lost all desire even to T-Tapp for 15 minutes a day? The only activity that sounds appealing when you’re angry, sad, or anxious is going to BED.
  • Overhaul wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe as nice as my budget will allow. :: I found a chambray shirt that will be great for this summer. Still need a lot of basics — definitely shorts (please, please, please, Athleta, put them on sale!) but haven’t had time to look around anywhere.
  • RPR: Plan to take the last RPR of 2016! No idea what this actually looks like yet, but I will start planning soon. :: We’re waiting on what the Texas JBCC Advisory Board has to say about my application for licensure. If I’m endorsed, I will only have to test on my knowledge. If not, I will have to be tested on my knowledge and skills. Either way, I will probably be flying to Texas this summer for this enormous, scary test.

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