2016 Goals: Where Am I At?


Spring is here! The hills are green, the weather is warm, flowers are in bloom, the sun is bright, and the days are lengthening — it’s beautiful! I’ve had some sharp pangs of homesickness for our life in Las Vegas (I’ve noticed this happens most in spring and fall). Intellectually I know our life would be totally different from how our memories are portraying it, but emotionally it is sometimes difficult to be content with moving forward and making new memories. Someday we’ll feel the same way about the place we’re at now, so we may as well make the most of it, right?

April is one of my favorite months. Not only is the weather beautiful, but it’s the month the hubs and I celebrate our wedding anniversary (seven years this year!) and our daughter’s birthday (she’s almost 3!).

  • Priority:  Start each day off with the Lord and remember that my life, my soul, and my loved ones depend on it. Wake up early; begin day in the Word and in prayer; and use extra alone-time to work out, shower, and start breakfast before the little wakes up. :: The hubs has had crazy insomnia for about three weeks now, which is interfering with my sleep too. Always something, I guess. I am learning to give in to any inkling I have to spend time in the Word and in prayer, basically feeding the need I know is there and letting it grow. I am not consistent yet.
  • Give more: Give more of my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to others. :: Just being more conscious of my self-absorbed lack of generosity has helped (again, in very small ways) me change how I give back to others. Giving is a natural response of gratitude towards God that spreads to others; it’s not a duty on a checklist that makes me a good person. Long before the giving happens, the heart is satisfied with God and is gently urged to serve Him by serving others.
  • Make our home a pleasant place to live in:  Simplify by getting rid of unused items; efficiently organize what we keep; make what we have more comfortable; and creatively decorate on a budget. :: March wasn’t a very home-conscious month aside from the hubs buying a new couch, but this month I’ll be contributing some things to make our main area (living/dining/kitchen) more attractive and comfortable.
  • Pay off debt: Put an end to our consumer debts and start chipping away at our student loan debt. :: Paychecks came in and are steadying out. So thankful! Lord willing, I will probably start on my student loans very soon! 
  • T-Tapp program: Therapeutically approach my fitness with T-Tapp, yoga, and daily walking. :: My daughter and I got pretty sick over spring break, thus I did not exercise at all for about two weeks. Back at it now, though. 15 minutes a day is about all I can handle, and I feel great afterwards. Can’t wait to start swimming when it gets hot.
  • Overhaul wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe as nice as my budget will allow. :: I found a maxi dress that is just fabulous in every way, but it cost over $100 — much more than I’m ever willing to spend on one article of clothing. But it sure is nice to have something of quality. I have no summer clothes at all, so it’s time to go shopping!
  • RPR: Plan to take the last RPR of 2016! No idea what this actually looks like yet, but I will start planning soon. :: Well, it looks like I may be trying for the Texas CSR instead. Things I do this month will determine whether it happens, and it’s totally stressing me out. If it doesn’t, I will go for the online RPR toward the end of this year, and the hubs and I may start trying for another baby.

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