2016 Goals: Where Am I At?


We are one month into 2016 already! The new year started out a little chaotic for us while we dealt with things like identity theft, hospital visits, the hubby being out of town for over two weeks, and another new semester starting up immediately afterward. One of my paychecks is taking an extra month to arrive, so the budget is extremely tight again. Never a dull moment around here!

Thankfully, I’m not hurting for work. This time last year, it was a real financial struggle transitioning into court reporting. I’m still new to the field in general, but my work rhythm is much more established and reliable now. It’s a blessing. As much as I’d love to be a stay-at-home mom, I am thankful that this particular career is the alternative.

Our plan is to start looking for a new place to live over the summer. We’re talking a different state entirely, hopefully in an area where we can find a plot of land and settle down permanently. The hubby would finish his schooling online. Our budget structure would change quite a bit, which, Lord willing, would allow us to finally get our financial feet under us. We have fewer things tying us down now. Part of me is intimidated by the idea of moving somewhere new so soon, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already in detachment mode.

  • Priority:  Start each day off with the Lord and remember that my life, my soul, and my loved ones depend on it. Wake up early; begin day in the Word and in prayer; and use extra alone-time to work out, shower, and start breakfast before the little wakes up. :: I’ve been in a pretty bad funk the last few days. It’s probably because I have neglected my most important appointment of the day.
  • Give more: Give more of my time, my money, my energy, and my heart to others. :: I wanted to start by tithing more consistently than we have been, but I failed. Will keep trying.
  • Make our home a pleasant place to live in:  Simplify by getting rid of unused items; efficiently organize what we keep; make what we have more comfortable; and creatively decorate on a budget. :: Like I said, I’m in detachment mode. My focus isn’t necessarily on decorating now; it’s on purging and minimizing our possessions so we are not U-hauling a bunch of junk across the country. This month I did clean out a couple of closets.
  • Pay off debt: Put an end to our consumer debts and start chipping away at our student loan debt. :: The credit cards are slowly coming — more importantly, staying — down. After that, our only debt is student loans and our car.
  • T-Tapp program: Therapeutically approach my fitness with T-Tapp, yoga, and daily walking. :: I finally started T-Tapp! Even with a tight budget, I was able to use birthday money to buy it on sale, and I absolutely love it. I’ll have to post separately about my experience so far. 
  • Overhaul wardrobe: Create a capsule wardrobe as nice as my budget will allow. :: My hubby made me try jeans from American Eagle that were on sale. They aren’t perfect, but they fit better than any other jeans I’ve owned basically in my entire life. For $20 a pair, I won’t complain. Good lookin’ out, Hubby!
  • RPR: Plan to take the last RPR of 2016! No idea what this actually looks like yet, but I will start planning soon. :: Where to begin? Facebook! I need to consult other experienced reporters. With a potential move coming up, I’ll need to be very careful about how (or whether) I go for this this year.

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