2015 Goals: Where Am I At?


My favorite month is upon us! Happy October!

I modified my goals and ended up taking off what’s completed and what I know won’t be accomplished this year. Only a quarter of the year is left, so I’d better get to work!

  • Pay off debt; namely, the credit cards, and (at least put a dent in) my school loans. :: I paid off my credit card just a few days ago! Because of a necessary business/school expense, the balance has been quite high for almost a full year now. But the Lord blessed us with a surprise refund on medical bills we didn’t actually have to pay two years ago, and it was just enough to pay off the balance.
  • Grow my hair out long again. :: It’s been six weeks since my last haircut, and my bangs are already too long for my face. My layers could use a little update as well. I may just trim my bangs myself and make do until closer to the holidays.
  • Potty train our daughter. :: She started using the potty by herself again, and she’ll pee on it when I remind her and take her, but she’s also back to pooping exclusively in her underwear, regardless of my impeccable timing and ample potty opportunities. Infuriating. We’re also in the desperate stage of molar eruption, so there’s that.
  • Print and frame several family pictures; send small prints to grandparents and family members. :: Nooooope.
  • Stock up on earthquake emergency food and supplies. Start out by filling up our empty containers with various grains/seeds/legumes to store for a rainy day. Stock up on medicine and first aid supplies, sources of power and light, etc. :: Nooooope. But I had an epiphany: Maybe things of this nature would make a good Christmas gift for the hubby!
  • Continue building physical strength and stamina. By the end of the year, I want to be strong enough to bust out 10 pull-ups from a dead hang and 50 push-ups. :: Well, I made it to three pull-ups in one day (with rests in between), but I think I was overdoing it. My body got tired, so I need to start from square one, I think, and develop strength a little more fundamentally before trying to increase reps. On a good day I can do about 15 push-ups in a row.

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