2015 Goals: Where Am I At?


The autumnal equinox isn’t till the end of this month, but September TOTALLY counts as the first month of fall. I’m so excited.

The year is almost three-quarters of the way over, and where am I at with my goals? I’m not where I thought I could be, but ultimately God controls the timing of all things big and small. Some things may just have to be carried over to next year, and the year after, and the year after that…

I hate living a life of loose ends, but to be honest I’ve already started thinking of my goals for next year regardless of whether these ones get completed or not.

  • Start a blog
  • Hit the ground running with my court reporting career. :: Getting a ton of work! It isn’t easy, but it’s an answer to prayer and it is much better than not getting enough work. This is where the Lord has us now — hubby in school full-time while mom works — and I am finally making peace with it.
  • Pay off debt; namely, the credit cards, car payment, a contract we don’t use anymore, and (at least put a dent in) my school loans. :: It feels like we’re going in circles here, honestly. Trying to be patient.
  • Do the GAPS diet with my family. :: Nooooope.
  • Start an organic pot garden on our apartment patio. :: We got larger pots for the mint, and I’ll be transplanting it after I finish another project.
  • Grow my hair out long again. :: I got my hair trimmed and I actually sort of like it — well, maybe not like it, but I hate it much less now. Cutting bangs has made a big difference. It’s finally looking more feminine.
  • Potty train our daughter. :: Total disaster. I’m back to diapers.
  • Print and frame several family pictures; send small prints to grandparents and family members. :: Nooooope.
  • Stock up on earthquake emergency food, water, and supplies. Start out by filling up our empty containers with beans, rice, and other grains/seeds/legumes to store for a rainy day. Purchase two 5-gallon water jugs to fill and store, switching out as needed to keep fresh. Have medicine and first aid supplies, sources of power and light, etc. :: Nooooope.
  • Continue building physical strength and stamina. By the end of the year, I want to be strong enough to bust out 10 pull-ups from a dead hang and 50 push-ups. :: I finished my 30-day pull-up challenge and am SO proud to say that I can do a full, unassisted pull-up now! So I started another challenge to increase that number. I will post separately about my progress.
  • Create art and music again. :: Oh, I have been bursting with inspiration for all kinds of artsy projects and home projects, but am weighed down with work. I am learning that even though work takes priority, an all-work-and-no-play approach to life is also unsustainable. So I’m finally treating myself to a few things I’ve waited a long time to do.

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