2015 Goals: Where Am I At?


It’s August!

  • Start a blog
  • Hit the ground running with my court reporting career. :: Work picked up again, thankfully, and I am getting help with finding better-paying jobs.
  • Pay off debt; namely, the credit cards, car payment, a contract we don’t use anymore, and (at least put a dent in) my school loans. :: Well, the Lord provided just enough to keep the bills paid this month through several unexpected means. The hubby has been offered temporary work that will relieve us quite a bit next month, and we are still praying he finds a long-term job soon.
  • Do the GAPS diet with my family. :: Still not an option.
  • Start an organic pot garden on our apartment patio. :: Everything seems to be doing well. Going to find a few more large pots for our mint.
  • Grow my hair out long again. :: Progress is slow, but a trim is needed, especially because I need to look nice for my friend’s wedding in a couple weeks. I just realized it has been seven months since I last saw my hairdresser… SEVEN! 
  • Potty train our daughter. :: I’m having a bipolar potty training experience. It feels like for every week of messes and “accidents,” we have just one breakthrough day. I have an idea on how to combat this, however, and I’ll report back and see if it works.
  • Print and frame several family pictures; send small prints to grandparents and family members. :: I have been officially inspired to work on a specific project in this regard and complete it by next summer. More details later.
  • Stock up on earthquake emergency food, water, and supplies. Start out by filling up our empty containers with beans, rice, and other grains/seeds/legumes to store for a rainy day. Purchase two 5-gallon water jugs to fill and store, switching out as needed to keep fresh. Have medicine and first aid supplies, sources of power and light, etc. :: Nothing here this month, either.
  • Continue building physical strength and stamina. By the end of the year, I want to be strong enough to bust out 10 pull-ups from a dead hang and 50 push-ups. :: I completed my 30-day push-up challenge on the 24th, and wow, it sure made a difference. I still needed frequent rests toward the end, but I completed 50 push-ups without using my knees. I will keep challenging myself with this model until I can do them all without stopping. Either way, I can do more push-ups now than I’ve ever been able to do before. This month I am tackling a pull-up challenge, and I’ll take before/after pictures to see how buff I get.
  • Create art and music again. :: Didn’t really feel like it this month.

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