Easy Mexican Rice


This is another rice-cooking method that kind of evolved out of nowhere during my gourmet foodie cooking days in early marriage. My parents-in-law had given us their old rice cooker, and it made cooking rice so easy that we started eating a lot more rice, which hasn’t changed.

We eat far fewer nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, and eggplant — although we never eat eggplant to begin with because it’s gross) now than we did then, so I don’t make our rice this way very often. But it is a delicious, easy shortcut for us white people who don’t know how to make authentic, heavenly, beautiful Mexican rice.



Also, I’d like to say two things:

One, Trader Joe’s is wonderful, and this salsa made by them is one of my favorite items at their stores. Check out the ingredients — nothing scary!

Two, I like my Mexican rice to be a little more tomatoey than is shown in the picture. I just went light on the salsa because I wasn’t sure how my daughter would react to it (she and her daddy are sensitive to nightshades). She gobbled it up with extra butter and burrito fixings — grass-fed cheddar cheese, lean beef strips sauteed with garlic and cumin, and ripe avocado slices.

Actually, three things:

Three, I am a white girl — as white as they come (sans the Starbucks and UGG boots and chevron obsession) — and I acknowledge my inherent inability to traditionally, properly replicate cuisines outside my own nationality.

Easy Mexican Rice (serves six)

1 1/2 C uncooked white or brown rice

3/4 C mild red salsa (roasted salsa is my favorite, but feel free to experiment with others)

2 1/4 C (approximately) homemade broth/stock or water

unrefined salt, to taste

up to 1 C frozen chopped veggies (peas, carrots, corn) if you like veggies in your Mexican rice

Put your uncooked rice in the rice cooker, and add the salsa FIRST before any other liquid. Then fill to the 3-cup line your broth or water. Throw in several good shakes of salt (plain water will require a little more salt for flavor) and veggies, if using. Stir it up and set it to cook. When it’s finished, mix and fluff it up before serving.


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