2015 Goals: Where Am I At?


I didn’t even get a second blog post in for March. It was a very, very difficult month for us. And look — the 1st of April passed me by and I didn’t even get around to my update!

  • Start a blog
  • Hit the ground running with my court reporting career. For now that means starting with simpler, easier work; learning as much as I can; working as often as possible to get the financial ball rolling; and working my way up the totem pole as my skills, knowledge, resources, and equipment investments increase. :: I love my job! For a while there, I had to say no to many good opportunities only because I couldn’t find anyone to watch our daughter. We are praising the Lord for providing babysitters so we can keep the bills paid!
  • Pay off debt; namely, the credit cards, car payment, a contract we don’t use anymore, and (at least put a dent in) my school loans. :: A major tax issue came up and gave us a big scare, but the Lord provided some relief and we are hoping the problem is completely solved. Otherwise, our numbers are slowly starting to look better for the first time since we first moved back to California two and a half years ago!
  • Do the GAPS diet with my family. We’ll spend from January to May gradually eliminating foods and stocking up on supplies until we start the Introduction phase in June. I am praying this will be most helpful for my husband who is desperate to solve some major neurological and digestive complaints; but I also hope it will resolve some hormonal, digestive, immune, and skin issues for myself and food sensitivities for our daughter. :: This month I really doubted that I could handle the GAPS protocol this summer. I know I cannot if our income remains a source of major stress; but we’ll see where the Lord has us at the end of the semester. 
  • Start an organic pot garden on our apartment patio. I’ll start with some fresh herbs and flowers, maybe branching out to some fruits and vegetables that can grow in small spaces. :: I just couldn’t make it happen. So sad.
  • Grow my hair out long again. :: The bottom layers definitely brush my lower neck and shoulders now, but it is still not a flattering style for me. At the very least, I’m getting a slight droop out of my ponytails and I only need six bobby pins to keep my bangs and layers from falling out. I think I’ll wait a little longer for a trim.
  • Potty train our daughter (preferably by springtime). :: Progress here too! Our daughter prefers underwear to diapers at all times now, with only a smallish accident here and there. She still has a hard time relaxing to go on the potty (and waits until she’s in a diaper to poo), but she is slowly getting it. All it took was a crash course for us both — running out of diapers and running out of money to go buy more!
  • Print and frame several family pictures; send small prints to grandparents and family members. :: Eh, haven’t put much thought into this, but I still intend to pursue it.
  • Stock up on earthquake emergency food, water, and supplies. Start out by filling up our empty containers with beans, rice, and other grains/seeds/legumes to store for a rainy day. Purchase two 5-gallon water jugs to fill and store, switching out as needed to keep fresh. Have medicine and first aid supplies, sources of power and light, etc. :: Nothing here this month.
  • Continue building physical strength and stamina. I am already moderately active, but I’m physically not where I’d like to be. By the end of the year, I want to be strong enough to bust out 10 pull-ups from a dead hang and 50 push-ups. Attainable enough, right? My workouts certainly won’t be limited to these things, however; those are just my weak spots. Something to keep in mind, though: the GAPS diet is a higher priority, and that may interfere with my progress when we begin this summer. Maybe that means I can try out the T-Tapp program, which is another goal of mine. We’ll see! :: We skipped the Tough Mudder. Personally, now that I know I can do it, I’m not really motivated to do it again unless I go with someone who would have fun… aka not my husband. Ha. But I am still exercising where I can.
  • Create art and music again. :: I busted out the colored pencils and did some drawing with my daughter. And I sing in the car with her all the time. Not much else going on in this regard.

The Lord has been faithful and so good to us in spite of the trials we’ve had. It was painful, but He allowed a lot of growth to happen this last month, clearly using our difficulties to show us that we indeed depend on Him and must choose to trust Him. I’ve learned a lot about daily sacrifice, offering up every thought that troubles me or burdens me, relinquishing “control” over the issue, and resting in His sovereignty. He is working so visibly in my husband’s heart as well, and my heart is overflowing with gratitude.


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